Be Prepared: What to Have in Your Emergency Kits

Jennifer Kamin - Monday, October 09, 2017


Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, mud slides, and fires. No matter where you live, you must be prepared to survive and thrive during a disaster. Whether you need to protect your family, your home, your business, or all three, the following items should be readily accessible everywhere you go. Don’t forget to stock up the cars, too.

Emergency Hand-Crank Flashlight

A long-term emergency means you’ll be running through batteries … fast. This Emergency Flashlight features a hand crank that recharges without batteries. It’s super portable, measuring just 2.56" x 4" x 1“ and featuring a wrist strap for convenience. It can be imprinted with your logo, too, letting your team know you’re there with a helping hand… no matter what happens.

Solar Key Chain Light

Even without an emergency, your team members and clients can stay out of the dark with these mini solar-powered flashlights that conveniently attach to a keychain. Imprint with your logo to remind them that you care.

LED Flashlight Radio - Dynamo Powered with Siren

This crank-powered AM/FM radio with a 98-decibel emergency alarm features a high-powered LED flashlight, too, to help your team weather any emergency. It can also be powered by a DC 4.5V adapter (not included). Comes with a wrist strap.

Mini Hydration Pack

Your team will be able to take water wherever they go if they fill up the 1-liter bladder in this easy-to-carry canteen. This 7W x 12.75"H x 2”D wearable water bottle features mesh shoulder straps and a front flap pocket.

Space-Age Emergency Blanket

Conserve body heat in any situation with this lightweight, waterproof 18" x 16" x 15“ aluminum foil blanket. Comes 200 per carton.

Quick-Open Camping Tent

Keep this 86.61" x 59.06" x 51.18" waterproof polyester tent in the car for instant shelter that can fit up to four people. The tent can be imprinted with your logo or brand, too.

Personalized Water Bottles

Make sure everyone in your building stays hydrated no matter what the situation. These personal, 8-oz. water bottles are made with 100% recyclable plastic and can be imprinted with your logo.

37-Pc. Waterproof First Aid Kit

This 37-piece first aid kit contains a triangular bandage, 25 adhesive bandages, gauze pad, scissors, two antiseptic wipes, two anti-mosquitoes wipes, adhesive tape, one pair PVC gloves, elastic bandage, and a CPR mask. The hard plastic, waterproof case measures 3 1/4 " x 7 " x 4 1/4 “ and can be personalized with your logo.

Solar Phone Charger

Don’t let your team lose touch during an emergency due to dead cell-phone batteries. This power bank features an LED light, a 3-in-1 USB charging cable with Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning, micro USB connectors, and a Lithium Ion 1000mAh capacity battery. Completely charge the battery in 10 hours using solar power or in 5 hours using AC power. Charge will hold for 3 months. Can recharge a phone in 4 hours. Input is DC 5V/0.5A and output is DC 5V/1A. Instruction card included.

2,400-Calorie Emergency Food Bars

These 2,400-calorie apple-cinnamon-flavored emergency bars are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Canadian Transport Department and have a 5-year shelf life. Can be stored outside in temperatures of up to 149 degrees (F).


Waterproof Emergency Backpack

Give every team member and client one of these 20-oz PVC backpacks stuffed with emergency tools and supplies. Can expand from 55 to 69 cm high. Personalize it to remind your team you’ve got their back. Literally.

Find more emergency supplies and tools to keep yourself and your team safe — no matter what Mother Nature throws your way — at Kamin & Associates.

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Scare Up Business for Halloween

Jennifer Kamin - Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Everybody likes a treat: Especially your favorite clients! This Halloween, act like a witch and use the following scary gifts to cast a spell and stir up more business. Your home team will appreciate a little candy corn, too! And, as always, many of these spooky treats can be personalized so your clients and your teammates will be frightfully delighted to think of you, season after season.

Witch’s Magic Mystery Gift Box

Overseen by a Plush 14” Teddy Bear dressed as a witch, this box is a cornucopia of Halloween-themed treats that’ll keep your clients sweet on you: Halloween Story Book, sticker sheets, marshmallow peeps, Silly String, popcorn ball, bubbles, pumpkin ball, Halloween spring pop-ups, Halloween kids card game, fangs whistle, two lollipops, body parts gummy candies, Pixie Stix, pretzels, microwave popcorn, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, fun size peanut candy coated chocolate, fun size Kit Kat wafer bar, fun size Snicker's Bar, Twizzlers, Hershey's milk chocolate bar, fun size 3 Musketeers, and candy coated milk chocolate candies. You can personalize the box with your logo … or a local dentist’s business card!

Just a Hint of Halloween Godiva Mug

For those with more subtle tastes, this lovely pumpkin-colored ceramic coffee mug is filled with high-quality chocolates from Godiva that you can choose. Brand the mug with your logo and tie it all up in an elegant bow.


Cute Ghost Stress Reliever

Make sure the stress of being #1 doesn’t force your team to give up the ghost. Give them this ghost instead: a 4 3/4 " x 3 " x 2 1/2 “ polyurethane stress reliever that will make them smile with every squeeze. And yes, he can wear your name on his back, too!

Ghost Stories Deluxe Snack Assortment

Fill your lunch room with these spooky treats in a 3.5 gallon tin: milk chocolate-, dark chocolate- and yogurt-covered cranberries, ghost milk chocolates, two orange drizzle caramel chocolate popcorn balls, candy corn taffy and four flavors of popcorn: white cheddar, peanut brittle, chocolate and drizzled caramel corn. Toothbrushes not included.

Spooky Office Hanging Paper

Great for the lunchroom or to pass out for cubicles, these 10’ long banners will get your team in the Halloween mood. Or imprint the ghosts with your logo and give out to your clients to spook their own teams.

100% Linen Halloween Pillow Case

A quick zip will transform your break room or office sofa into a friendly Halloween (permanent?!) resting place, These adorable and colorful 17.7" x 17.7" pillow cases can be customized, too, on larger orders.

Tombstone Paperweight

This stone paperweight is made in the USA from recycled products and is available in a variety of colors, textures and finishes. It’s a perfect way to commemorate a project that lived a long, fruitful life but is now ready for the grave. Customizable, of course!

Place an order with Kamin & Associates today to receive these or other Halloween treats for yourself, your team, or your favorite spooky clients just in time for All Hallow’s Eve!


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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Jennifer Kamin - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hut hut hut! It’s time to get your team in shape! Start them thinking about the plays that will win the season with these great rewards and promotions. Give them to top players and/or clients to spread your glory across the finish line.

Soft 5” Football/Stress Ball

One way or another, your team will be able to blow off some steam with these 5” soft stuffed polyurethane-covered footballs. They can be tossed down the halls, passed over cubicles or used to kick off a great company party. Or just give ‘em a squeeze to release some stress when the competition gets tough.

Large Customizable Football

These 9” polyurethane foam footballs come in a variety of colors and can be imprinted with your logo. They’re CPSIA compliant, too. Win win, anyone?

Your Team Scarf at Your Team’s Game

The annual company outing to your local football team’s opening game can now serve a double purpose: bringing your team together and promoting your message to the crowd. Your logo can be embroidered onto these 55” x 7” acrylic scarves that’ll keep your teammates toasty warm throughout the season.

Multicolored Scalloped Winner’s Cup

Your “players” will be scrambling to earn this 9 1/4" x 10 1/4" x 6 5/8" scalloped steel trophy cup. It features gold feather handles and a plastic silver stem on a marble base that can be customized with the winning message of your choice.

Polyester Dazzle Team Jersey

If your employees are having trouble adhering to the company dress code, make it easy for them by providing them Team Uniforms! Or… maybe start a company team to overpower the competition both on and off the field. Either way, these polyester football jerseys will have them feeling like pros.

Copper-Colored Canteen Travel Mug

This double wall, vacuum-insulated travel mug will keep coffee hot or soda cold for up to 8 hours! The matte-finished exterior can be personalized to remind the drinker of the bottomless well of your generosity.

Personalized Tailgate Parties

Don’t just take the gang to the game — treat ‘em right with an assortment of personalized tailgate party products that will let you fête your clients and team while advertising your company and products to the assembled crowd. Choose from tents, coolers, chairs, BBQ grills, gazebo, cooler tables, portable coolers, and portable grills.

Cooler Bag Chair

Keep the team comfy while watching the game or parade or enjoying the company picnic with thesefolding chairs, emblazoned with YOUR BRAND. Best of all, the chairs double as coolers that can hold up to 24 cans, plus features zippered pockets and backpack straps.

Take a Knee and Place Your Order with Kamin & Associates!

To score a touchdown with your team using these and other nifty sports-themed products, visit our website, email us at orders@kaminassociates.com or give us a call!

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Fall Into Fall

Jennifer Kamin - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer’s over. The weather’s slowly becoming crisp. The hats, gloves, and jackets are out of storage and in the closet, ready to bundle you up. Sound depressing?

You can help bolster the spirits for your team and/or your favorite clients by making this latest seasonal change an occasion for celebration. With personalized gifts like an autumnal bucket of popcorn or a personalized brandy snifter to take the edge off the cold, you’ll make them Fall for you all over again.

Deluxe Fabric Autumn Leaves

Bring the glories of turning foliage indoors with these beautiful fabric leaves. Use them on bulletin boards, windows, and desktops. And when the snow starts to fall, just rake them back in the box for next year.

Tri-Flavored Popcorn Bucket

This falling leaf and pumpkin-themed popcorn bucket is filled with three flavors of popcorn (butter, cheese, and caramel) in autumnal hues. With 104 cups of sweet and salty goodness inside, there’s enough for a whole department. And you can “carve” out your name on the bucket with our personalization feature.

Shades of Fall Snack Gift Basket

This elegant, natural 15” x 15” willow basket is overflowing with 5 pounds of delicious treats: barbecue chips, jalapeno chips, white corn tortilla chips, spicy chunky salsa, Monterey Jack cheese spread, stuffed olives, chocolate cream-filled wafer roll cookies, Tavolare snack mix, old fashioned vanilla caramels, Wolfgang puck coffee, traditional caramel corn, and honeysweet peanuts. Decorated with orange striped ribbons and colorful leaves to make Autumn feel extra sweet.

Pumpkin Pie Coffee and Cookies

The best thing about Fall is pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie ice cream, and now pumpkin pie-friendly biscotti cookies, 10 cups worth of pumpkin pie coffee and a 12 oz. pumpkin pie mug. And the best thing about a pumpkin pie mug is you can emblazon it with your non-pumpkin pie logo. The whole shebang can even be cello wrapped and tied with a pumpkin-pie bow.

Stadium Scarf

Help your team support their local Sports Team with these colorful 7” x 58” six-color acrylic scarves. Contact us to see if Your team can make the cut (or weave)!

Cavanaugh Personalized Brandy Glass

This elegant 11 oz., 24% lead crystal brandy snifter can be etched with your logo, so your favorite clients will think of you as they warm their blood before a roaring fire. Brandy, you’re a fine girl, but you’re not included.

House of Waterford Crystal The Four Seasons Footed Vase

This poetic 14” x 8.3” x 8.3” House of Waterford Crystal Vase pays homage to the Four Seasons with copper-wheel engravings that depict the Summer and Winter Solstices and the Autumnal and Vernal (Spring) Equinoxes. They’ll remember you fondly season after season, year after year. After a gift like this, they’d better.

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Ways to Un-Labor This Labor Day

Jennifer Kamin - Monday, August 21, 2017

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and an official celebration of all the valiant workers who fought for such rights as trade unions, 40-hour work weeks, overtime, and — best of all — time off. Like Labor Day weekend.

Help your workers honor their own trailblazing great grandmothers and grandfathers this Labor Day while snoozing on the beach, grilling up some burgers or just enjoying the good life. The following are some cool products to make their lazy days just a little lazier:

Tangle-Free Wireless Ear Buds

It’s WAY too much work to keep ear bud wires untangled, so we cut them out. These wireless earbuds are not only functional, they’re psychedelically cute, with rainbow colors and their own little case. Warning: employees could be wearing these while you drone on about fourth-quarter projections — and their blissful smiles would have nothing to do with your impeccable flow charts.

Fidget Spinner for Idle Hands

It’s a long weekend and your workers have nothing to do? Hand out these Fidget Spinners emblazoned with your logo before the Labor Day weekend, so they can fiddle away while being bored at the beach, fondly remembering their more productive hours in their cubicles. Blissfully alone. Our Fidget Spinners are hard workers, too, with a 2-minute spin time.

Hide My Eyes Sunglasses

These fashion sunglasses, emblazoned with your logo, let your star employees discreetly hide their ennui while hanging out with third cousins twice removed at Uncle Joe’s picnic.

My Real Job Is Easier 3-Piece BBQ Set

Here’s a guarantee: Hand out these beautiful 3-piece wooden and stainless steel barbecue sets before Labor Day and your employees will be sweating all weekend over a hot grill, longing for the days when they could get a nice, cool lunch plopped effort-free on their tray at your company’s cafeteria. Kit includes tongs, spatula, and fork all wrapped up in a canvas carrying case with a logo that reminds them who wrote the check that paid for that steak on the grill.

Picnic Cooler aka Bring Your Lunch to Work Day

Whether at a picnic or on the beach, this nity Collapsible Cooler will keep up to 12 drinks icy cold and refreshing while advertising your Logo or Philosophy. Doesn’t hurt that the cooler can be used to tote a hefty home-cooked lunch to work, too!

Like what you see? There are more fun, summer products at Kamin & Associates.

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Back to School – for All!

Jennifer Kamin - Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Why should kids be the only ones to get new books, pens, and paper each September? This year, give everyone in your network a back-to-school experience with fascinating and educational products that inspire and edify. If they like their gifts, they may even let you write on the blackboard.

Laptop Backpack

The traditional rucksack gets an upgrade with this sophisticated laptop bag that lets your team tote their office everywhere from Alabama to Zanzibar. Measures 13" w x 17 3/4" h x 6 3/4" and features a large zippered main compartment with padded laptop sleeve, front zippered compartment with tablet sleeve, a pocket for an MP3 and grommet for earbud. Plus, there is a front pocket and two side mesh pockets, and front D-ring for a carabiner. Comes in black/gray or black/red. Emblazon them with your logo so your competition will see it as your team outruns them.

Branded Cowhide Notebook by Cooper

Make the other kids jealous with this leather journal that brings a new meaning to “branded” products. This large leather journal by Cooper measures 6 1/2" x 8 3/4" x 1" and is available in Tan, Distressed Brown, Mahogany, Slate Gray, and Black. It features Irish waxed linen accent stitching colors. Its beautiful hide can be imprinted with your logo to ensure it doesn't wander into another corral.

Headmaster Albion Chrome Pen Set

This beautiful and elegant piano-finish rosewood and chrome Albion Pen Set would look right at home on Mr. Chips' desk at Brookfield School. Your message can be etched into the chrome to make an indelible impression. Available as a single or double pen set.

Scratch and Sketch™ Artist's Tiles

Your creative team members will appreciate a chance to turn the Lunch Room into an Art Room. This scratch-and-sketch kit comes with a stylus, 40 3 ½" x 3 ½"gold and silver scratch-off glitter squares and 20 3 ½" x 3 ½" swirly colored scratch-off squares. Great icebreaker for meetings or brainstorming sessions. The resulting artwork is a fun way to brighten up an office cubicle.

Plastic Gold Trophy

Every “school” honors its best with trophies! Show your team members you value their input with these 5” fun gold-tone plastic trophies. They can be emblazoned with your logo, a milestone, or an inspiring message

Schoolbooks for Grownups

These amazing and inspirational paperback books will keep your team learning and growing. Create a library or use them as guides for a meeting or business plan.

Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind by James J. Mapes

Quantum Leap Thinking teaches you how to get out of your own way by changing your thought patterns and perceptions … in an instant!



A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard

Elbert Hubbard's classic 1899 60-page essay “A Message to Garcia” was based on a true story and reminds us that real heroes are those who do their work well and without question.


You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School – and Other Simple Truths of Leadership by Mac Anderson

Use this book by Mac Anderson to help your team hire better people, become better leaders, and reach their true potential.

Chalkboard Mug

Now everyone can feel like the teacher's pet. These durable chalkboard-finished mugs can be ordered in custom colors and imprinted with your logo. Optional chalk is available, too.

Get Ready for Fall with Kamin & Associates, Inc.

Find classic and unique back to school items just in time for the Fall season by placing an order with Kamin & Associates today.

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Grab a Book for Book Lover's Day

Jennifer Kamin - Thursday, July 20, 2017

The kids are home from school and your team needs to escape for some me-time. Don't let them run away to Tahiti – toss them a book so they can settle down for a mental vacation on August 9, the official Book Lover's Day. You can build up their team spirit and inspire them to do their best with these titles, many of which include diaries and activities. Get reading!

Eat for Success!

This 3-3/4x6” paperback book will help your team make healthy choices to build their brain cells so they'll be ready to conquer the competition when they return from vacation. It features a 36-page pocket health guide. There's also enough space to write notes and record important information – and recipe ideas! You can also imprint your company name and/or logo in mouthwatering colors.

Adult Coloring Book

Your team can join the red-hot trend of using adult coloring books to build brain power and induce a meditative calm with this US-made book of 28 pre-printed coloring pages. You can choose from an Organic or Geometric theme. Custom print your brand name and/or logo on the front page – we'll be sure we color it “within the lines!” 

Inspirational Coloring Sticks

These inspirational coloring sticks (aka crayons) can be printed with your logo or an inspiring phrase to keep your team using bold strokes throughout the year.

Leather Brainstorm Book

Encourage your clients and team members to keep the creative juices flowing with these elegant Italian-made, leather-bound, 240-page journals that are easily toted for brainstorming, doodling, or just taking notes. You can stamp the cover with your brand to make a long-lasting “impression.”

Helping Hands Book Ends

Either at the office or at home, these concrete-filled polyresin hands will hold even the heaviest hardcover books in place. They measure " x 3 1/2 " x 7 " and can be printed with your logo, too.

Top Performers Guide to Leadership

Come on: You can't be the boss FOREVER! Let your other team members have their shot at the top with this inspirational set that includes a hardcover book, journal, pamphlet, and DVD. You can personalize it so they'll remember the little guy once they've climbed past you on the ladder to success.

The Dictionary of BS

Help your team members navigate the real world – the one that's filled with narcissists, jerks, and out-and-out liars – by handing them this dictionary that teaches them to recognize absurdity when they see it. Your team will be rolling in the aisles with laughter and they'll stand up savvy and ready to call it as they see it. This book can be personalized and includes a DVD, a journal, and a pamphlet.

Millenials Vs. Boomers

Don't just complain behind each others' backs about old fogeys and entitled brats: learn to work together with this instructional set that includes a hardcover book, a journal, and a DVD. Personalize it with your brand and logo and close that generation gap for good.

How Rich People Think

Prime your team for success by changing the way they use their brains. This learning kit includes a hardcover book, DVD, journal, and pamphlet. You can print it with your logo and brand. Just don't forget to tear out the page that tells them to start their own company!

Nighttime Reading Light

These flexible reading lights let your team members stay up all night reading inspiring texts for that big meeting tomorrow without disturbing anyone else. They come with batteries and can burn for 15 hours continuously, 100,000 hours total.

Find more Literary-Themed Gifts and Promo Items at Kamin & Associates

You can READ more at Kamin & Associates. Or give us a call at 770-268-3885 and let us help you find the right giveaway items and promotional products for your company.

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Survive Summer with These Great Gifts

Jennifer Kamin - Thursday, July 06, 2017

Summer is everyone's favorite season. Who wouldn't love sunburn, bug bites, and countless hours stuck in the back of the car for a cross-country trip with your pesky little brother? To help your team survive the trials and tribulations as Summer Is A-Comin’ in – and keep them focused on the next goal rather than the fact that they're working on a perfect beach day – reward them with these cool and cooling summer items!

Take 'Em Out to the Ballgame Fan

Let your team show their team spirit by fanning themselves with a baseball diamond emblazoned with your logo. Whether at a picnic or a real-deal diamond field, these eco-friendly 8” fans will score a home run for fun and function.

On-Message Fans


Keep your team on-message and breezy with these pre-programmed hand-held fans. With up to 10 lines of 18 characters each for a message, brand, or limerick, you can be verbose or pithy. It comes with three AAA batteries and a breakaway lanyard.

Cool Barbecue Cooler


Hot food and cool drinks make any picnic fun. This 15-1/2 " x 9 " x 9 " poly cooler can hold up to 15 cans. The picnic set includes 2 each of stainless steel forks, knives, and napkins plus a BBQ set with tongs, spatula, and fork; salt & pepper shakers; a cutting board; and a bottle opener/corkscrew. The portable soft-side cooler also features two zippered pockets.

Picnic in the Park

Show off your artistic side by branding this Picnic in the Park kit with your logo, brand, or message. It comes with a 52" x 47" polyester plaid fleece roll-up blanket with lining and water-resistant PE backing. There are also two 22 oz. Big Game stadium cups, a large flying disc, and a 2-in-1 sunscreen and hand-sanitizer spray, all of which are waiting to be painted with the message of your choice.

Perpetual-Hot-Dog Stress Reliever

No one has to worry if there'll be enough hot dogs at the picnic: Just pass out these cute 4”x2” hot-dog rubber stress relievers and they'll all chill out. You can brand them with a one-color logo.

Light-Up Pool Noodles

These 53” Light-Up multicolor LED Pool Noodles pulse and flash for 30 seconds at the press of a red button near the base. It automatically shuts off to help conserve battery life.

Branded YoYo

These brightly colored 2” yoyos can be branded with your company's logo or an inspiring message to keep your crew and clients entertained and competitive.

Winning Medallions

Show your clients and team members that they're winners with these zinc alloy medals on a 30” ribbon. Hand them out for winning races, top performances, or just for being great guys and gals!

Make Your Pool Party a Splash!

Jennifer Kamin - Monday, June 26, 2017

Just when it finally stopped being too cold... it's too hot! Luckily, we have lots of ways to keep your team cool in the pool. Many of these hot items can be branded with your logo and kept for many summers to come.

Pool Party Promo Kit

Make sure no one at your pool party gets burned. This customizable Pool Party Promo Kit includes sunscreen, SPF lip balm, a cotton Logo beach towel, beach ball, sunglasses, and snacks. It all comes wrapped in cello and tied with a bow for easy distribution.

Rooftop Pool Party Pools

If your team is too busy for a day-long event, create your own pool party on a rooftop or lawn with these 14 L x 3.5 W x 12 H M soft-sided inflatable plastic pools. Or fill with ice for a giant drink cooler!

Brainstorming Pool Float

Your team will come up with their best ideas yet after letting their brains rest on these inflatable 72 " x 27.1" plastic rafts. They come in pink, green or blue and can be emblazoned with your logo.

Water Blaster

Your team can blast the competition – or each other – with this environmentally-friendly customizable water blaster.

Cool Pool Cooler

Keep your team in the pool by making their drinks easy to reach. This inflatable floating cooler measures 28” by 28”, has a bucket for ice and four cup holders. Bottoms up!

Flaming Flamingo Float

This fire-pink inflatable flamingo is made of PVC plastic and measures 37.8 " x 45.7”. Perfect for kids of all ages.

Breath-Saving Pool Pump

Don't let your team members hyperventilate when blowing up all the cool Floats and Pool toys you're providing: give them these nifty hand pumps instead. Each mini tool measures just 0.94 " x 6.5”. They come in blue, green, red, and yellow and can be personalized with your logo.

Drink Your Own Energy

Show everyone how energized your team is with these customizable 8.4 oz energy drinks! It's FDA-approved and comes in lots of 24 cans. Emblazon them with your logo, an inspiring phrase or both!

Anti-Sun Hydration Tool

Make sure your team stays hydrated during their day in the sun with these special anti-sun hydration tools, otherwise known as water bottles. These 12 oz. bottles are made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled PET plastic that's free of harmful dyes and artificial additives and filled with Aquatek 100% triple-filtered All Natural Spring Water. The bottles can also be customized with your logo or brand.

Gourmet Deluxe Gift Basket

Make an appearance at your top clients' pool parties by gifting them with this 29" L x 17" W x 9" H basket overflowing with magnificent high-end treats: Five bottles of fine California wine (chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, merlot, and a sparkling wine); smoked salmon, peanut brittle, Ghirardelli Masterpiece chocolate collection, Godiva truffles, chocolate toffee almonds, Brie cheese, gourmet popcorn, bruschetta crisps, sweet butter cookies, Walker's shortbread cookies, biscotti, cranberry pecan cookies, savory snack mix, Jacquot truffles, and a Ghirardelli Intense chocolate bar. Or, never mind the client. Just order one for yourself!

You'll Be Made in the Shade with Kamin & Associates

Dive into more fun summer gifts for yourself and your team members at Kamin & Associates. Or give us a call at 770.393.8801 and let us help you find the right matches for your company.

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Fly High on the Fourth of July

Jennifer Kamin - Monday, June 19, 2017

Our Nation's birthday is just around the corner. Show your company – and your country – how much independence means to you by fostering fun and creativity with these Fourth of July items. You can use them to decorate the office, create a memorable picnic, or just commemorate the day. You can even brand some of these items with your logo or an inspiring phrase to keep American Values going all year long.

Patriotic Porch Flag

This traditional example of a red-white-and-blue porch flag would make Dolly Madison proud. Whether used in the office or on picnic tables, the 28” x 40” flags are made of durable fabric to endure high winds and the rocket's red glare.

Red-White-and-Blue Star Beads

These 42” necklaces of red-white-and-blue and the American flag are a fun way to show how proud you are to be an American. Use them as prizes or just a colorful way to turn all your team members into Yankee Doodle Dandies.

Fourth of July Party Pack

Oops! Wasn't it February just last week? If your social coordinator is running out of time to make your Fourth of July memorable, this jam-packed party pack can come to the rescue. You can deck out 25 folks in Old-Glory-related glory. The kit includes 13 assorted red, white, and blue top hats, 12 matching glittered tiaras, 25 9" foil horns, 12 lei necklaces, and 100 white serpentine throws.

Let the Flag Light the Way Light Sticks

If you're planning a nighttime barbecue or soiree, these flag-colored light sticks can provide ambiance and American beauty all at once. Each 4” stick has a diameter of 1.2 cm and comes with a pre-attached hook and lanyard. There are 25 sticks in a box. Each of them will glow once for 8-12 hours, for those late-night patriotic party-goers who wanna keep it going 'til the dawn's early light.

Red-White-and-Blue Bracelets

These glow-in-the-dark bracelets measure 8” x 5 mm in diameter. Use them as prizes, party favors, or to identify night-time teams playing Kick-the-Can. After the twilight's last gleaming, each bracelet will glow 1 time, for 6-8 hours. There are 50 in a box.


Old Glory Skimmer Hat

It's 1920 all over again with these fun plastic red-white-and-blue Skimmer Hats. A perfect topper for proudly hailing at a parade or a picnic.

Patriotic Stress Reliever

This star-spangled red-white-and-blue stress ball comes strung on a key ring so they'll always know that their flag is still there. It can be personalized with your logo or a patriotic or inspiring phrase. It's a great keepsake that'll keep your team members productive and stress-free, too!

Betsy's Jute Bag

Betsy Ross may not have had this adorable jute bag to keep her sewing supplies organized when she was stitching Old Glory, but you can! The eco-friendly, 5” H x 8” W handled bag can be imprinted with your logo, too, to keep your team members thinking of you while shopping in the Land of the Free.

2017 Patriotic Year Pin

This beautiful gold-plated and enameled 2017 pin should emblazon the lapels or collars of every Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty. Includes a standard clutch back.

Statue of Liberty Stress Reliever

Give me your tired, huddled masses of team members, and we'll give them an inspiring Statue of Liberty stress reliever to help them to a safe harbor. Made of polyurethane, this Lady Liberty measures a mere 2” x 2” x 8” and makes a beautiful, inspiring desk decoration – especially when emblazoned with Your Logo.

Liberty Eagle

Kids of any age would love to cuddle this 8” black and white plush version of our national symbol, the Bald Eagle. Safe for children of all ages, from sea to shining sea.

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